Sunday, 4 January 2009

In bad Spirit

I know there was a fair bit of hype surrounding the new Frank Miller film, titled 'The Spirit'. Many people thought it wouldn't compare to the awesome Sin City, and you know what, they were right.

I can safely say it's one of the worst films I've seen in years. I pretty much had a problem with everything about it.

It maintained no consistency with style, constantly switching between heavily comic book styled shots using the classic, black, white, and red cutout style, then back to regular lighting, ok so it was lit well in that style but it just didn't have the impact that Sin City did. Also one thing that really annoyed me was how in some scenes the Spirits tie was a bright, overly-saturated red, and in others it was dulled down and even black and white.

Then there was the story. It didn't draw me in at all, and seemed a bit slapstick at times. Ok so maybe fans of the comic would have got it, but to the average person who wasn't familiar with it, it seemed like it took elements from every super hero film and did a bad job of keeping me interested. None of the Voice-overs had the drama or feeling in them. It felt a lot like they were cashing in on the franchise.

Then there's the acting.........*sigh* Samuel L Jackson played the very weird villain, who took a rather particular turn, when he dressed up as a Nazi and started parading around like he was in some sort of pantomime, which brings me to the woman playing the police sidekick, who actually acted like she WAS starring in a pantomime. The actor who played the spirit, who's name I forget, didn't do much for the character either, his performance was average not showing enough emotion for me. But I suppose all can be forgiven when you see Eva Mendes...

So the film sucked all over. I know people may say 'you shouldn't compare it to Sin City' but I do. So instead of spending a fiver on seeing this, please go and get yourself a copy of Sin City and you can wallow in the beautiful style and storytelling that The Spirit should have taken on.

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