Thursday, 22 January 2009

BANG and the lecture's gone!

I have to say I thouroughly enjoyed working this week, it's been such a good change of working style. We have started our group projects to make Queens building into something special. We have started out well and have got the key component, communication.

Communication is key to the result of this project, with so many people working on it (ok, six) a breakdown in communication can prove disasterous. We've all been in the labs working together everday and are constantly discussing things, showing work, and building what I think is going to be a great end product.

One of my main tasks for this project is to research, design and model the missile that will have crash landed into one of the lectures theatres. I started well by doing a ton of research and have decided on the beastly, yet sleek Taurus KEPD 350 missile. It's a really nice looking piece of kit with amazing capabilities, which is great because it will be the the focal point of the room.

I have started by sketching the missile and testing out colour schemes for it using magic markers (which, by the way, are my new found love) and research all sorts of facts and statistics for it so that I can fully understand the object that i'm going to be creating, and to make sure it is believable that it is in this scene.

Today I also emailed the makers of the missile, Taurus Systems, to ask if it is possible to get some autographic pictures of the missile to model it from. This will make it a lot eaiser to model, and will improve the accuracy of it.

They managed to email me back within two hours, which I think is really decent of them, saying they would like to help us but will need to know the synopsis of the level. I will be emailing them back either tonight or tomorrow, but I am not sure whether they will like our scenario since the missile will be crashing into a civilian building after taking evasive action, but you never know.

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