Monday, 7 February 2011

The pretty blunder...

This was done for a bit of fun whilst I was at BMW, whilst the world cup was going on. It's a high poly model and is made up of 2 x 2048 diffuse and normal.

It's a great looking piece of kit, that ruined the world cup and was dubbed a "Disgrace" by legendary boot designer Craig Johnston, the creator of the Predator boot.

BMW stuff...

So I just remembered that I've never posted any of the work that I did at BMW on here (the non-secret stuff that is) so here goes...

These shots are of an environment I created when there when work was quiet. It started out as texturing practice, where I wanted to really get the most out of tileable textures. I started with the road an built outwards, and as I progressed people started to like it and suggested that I turned it into a realtime environment in which to view cars.

The setting is a mountain race track, featuring the iconic tunnels found all over the Alps and similar mountain ranges.

The rocks are made out of a modular system, where a tiling texture is placed over one rock formation. This rock is then duplicated and intersected to make a wall featuring interesting grooves and ridges. I picked this up from Crysis.

This scene is rendered in real time, with RTT Deltagen, one of the programs I did the most work in at BMW. I also rendered a HDRI from it for reflections and Image Based Lighting.