Sunday, 24 January 2010


If you see a resemblance to anyone, I know you've played a great game! Polecats rule!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ok a bit of an update since its been a while.

On the MiG front there hasnt been a lot of progress, got the landing gear done now, aswell as a couple of bombs. The way im approching this project is to do 2 levels of detail. My first will be under 5,000 tris, i want to be able to effectively show both high and low poly modelling and the differences between them.

The high Poly will be close to 15,000. I'm starting off with the low, getting that completely modelled, and then moving onto the high. When theyre both finished I will uv map them one after the other and then move onto textures which means I will be able to work with them both in tandem, rather than complete everything on the low, then start on the high.

I will post pics when more is done.

Also I have been working on environment objects, and making them really look worn, and I have been pleased with them, unfortunately I am unable to let the outside world see them, but its good practice.

I have also been looking into techniques for making clouds. It's really interested me, partly because they are always present. I want to be able to get some good cloud making skills under my belt when it comes to displaying my work.

Well thats it i guess, as always it has been hard getting into self directed projects at home after work, but i'll push myself, you WILL see a kick arse MiG 29 flying through the sky by august, I promise...