Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Water under the bridge...

So this is another play around with a max scene I made. I find this is a really quick way of starting a paint, ok so it may not be conventional painting, but it it cuts your time down and increases efficiency and precision then I'm all for it.

Right, next...

Friday, 24 July 2009

Layer crazy...

OK so here's another experiment with textures and over lays. I used a scene I whacked together in max using my car that I made a while back, and let loose with the textures and contast.

To get the overlays I would simply make a copy of the whole or part of the picture and distort it by squashing and using the perspective tool. Then mess around with then opacity and layer mode.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome :D

A lengthy pit stop...

This is my summer project, even though I havent worked on it in a few months.

Its my Ferrari 158, model of 1964, which also won the world championship that year.

It's close to 6,000 tris at the moment, and with only a bit of the engine to do and the wheels to dupe, it should easilly make the 9,000 budget...thats if I get round to it :)

My next little project is to make my own car, a VW Polo...lets get cracking!

Paint to the max!

Ok, another quick paint, used a max scene and messed about with textures

Thursday, 9 July 2009

high contrast...

It's been a while but I've picked up the wacom pen again.

Have been playing mirrors edge and wow, what a game. Its seems to have gone fairly unoticed but its fresh look and cool game mechanics (along with the awesome tattoo designs they've got) made it a really good game for me, and only £15! pick it up if you get the chance.

So yeah this ones kinda inspired buy that, i've really like messing with the levels lately and getting a vibrant, high contrast image.

This other one is a quick paint of an industrial city

There'll be more to come soon