Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I want to feel alive!

Well today I've been working on my environment again, patching things up and making more assets. I've been wanting to breathe a bit more life into it rather than just to keep adding objects.

Of course I'm still adding objects, but I'm starting to think more about what I want in my scene rather than just replicating the real thing. So far it's come to a couple of magazines, but using one texture for the two, making it a two sided object because you're not going to see both sides at once, just either Edge or Heat.

Then there's the drum with rubbish in it. With this I really tried to make it look dirty and gritty, and with the normal bump, it's doing just that. I'm not quite sure where abouts to place it yet, may have to do some moving about.

A couple more cables have also emerged in my bid to add life to the scene. This time they're hanging across the alley so they're more in view and a bit more of a focal point rather than just being up againtst a wall. What better to complement the cables than a pigeon!

I had this thought of adding more life to my scene, when I was playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. There I was slowley creeping through and abandoned half built houseing estate with my team, and whilst the buildings were mostly wooden frames with some bricks, it still felt alive.

It was the little things. The plastic sheeting dancing in the wind, making sudden crashes when the wind caught it properly, and scaring the life out of me. Then there was the loose electrical cables swing back and forth.

Even though there wasn't much going on in the level, it was the little things that made it feel alive as I nervously crept through the town.

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