Sunday, 28 December 2008

Melted cheese anyone?

I first started my research and development project with the starting point of 'modern architecture', ok I know it's quite a broad area but I've often found that projects that give you quite a wide area of subjects to study will improve you research and give you a better variety of ideas.

Anyway, I wanted to move into looking at the most cutting edge and 'omg' factor buildings. To do this I looked at the one and only Dubai...oh yes.

Now Dubai has become one of the richest Arab countries through, yep you guessed it, oil. It has been said that the oil reserves will only last till 2050 and so they have decided to concentrate on building up their tourism industry, which is great for my project!

I've sifted thought the many amazing designs proposed by a whole range of top architecture firms, and the main contributors seem to be a firm called Atkins.

Just looking at the concepts makes me dribble with anticipation of what marvels they could create, given enough money. When you look at what hotels already stand there ( for example the Burj al Arab hotel pictured below) it's very clear that all of what they propose is entirely possible, and immanent.

Another architect that stands out in this field is Zaha Hadid. The stunning Dubai Opera house concepts look unlike anything I've seen before, and really look like someone has put a model in for 20 minutes on gas mark 6 and out emerges this stretched, melted scene with beautiful curves and flowing lines. I have to say that I adore this style, and it is my perfect idea of modern/futuristic architecture.

Right I'm off to stick some playmobile in the cooker...

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