Saturday, 27 December 2008

So it's over for another year...

Well the days of eating myself silly have once again passed for another year and I'm kinda glad, because I always feel bad for being lazy...doesn't stop me from being lazy mind.

Today I want to talk about a recent addiction... no not crack, but something that kept me staring at a television screen for over six hours. Now I know that's a long time, but when you have two mates playing, planning, and executing stratagies with and aginst you, it is just quite simply impossible to put down.

So what am I talking about, well it's a game downloaded from the playstation network called 'Age of Booty'. If any of you can an imaging a cross between the playstation one game 'Overboard' and capture the flag, you're nearly there. I works on a system of hexagons where you direct your ship to capture ports and recources, and battle enemey ships.

I was amazed at how simple it looked and worked, but also at how complex the planning and strategy could get. You achieve upgrades to help you along the way. The other thing that really appealed to me the graphics. They are filled with bright, highly saturated colours, which is a welcome change when you look at all of the latest dingey next-gen games (not that I don't think that some of them look breathtaking).

I think it's really great that people are still making these new games, because they have a fresh feeling to them, and of course is a big change from the norm. If you own a PS3 you must give it a try, and it's only £6.99, much cheaper than drugs.

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