Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Empire builds back!

Drum roll for idea number 3...

Construction Site
This one really interests me because building sites are always cluttered and look busy, they also have a lot of movement present in them. So my original Idea was to do a modern day construction site, but I came up with a spark this morning and thought I'd combine it with one of my previous ideas.
The Empire State Building. I've always seen pictures and old rough footage of it being made and the perils those construction workers went though on a daily basis, and it facinates me. You see them walking along creaky wooden planks and shimmying along girder, with no reaction to them being hundreds of metres high and one wrong step away from being nothing more than a mess on a New York side walk. When see the pictures there's always so much going on, it didnt have the orderlyness and health and saftey these days.

So I've made a quick mockup of a corner of the Empire State just to get and idea of what I could achieve.

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