Saturday, 10 November 2007

Fear Of The Boring

When I look my posts I've made on my blog so far I often stop and ask myself, 'is this interesting?' But when I really think about it, I ask myself, 'am I trying too hard to make it interesting?' I know I can on a bit and reading my blog back I can see that some parts are boring but should I change them? I don't think so.

Take Crysis, for example. It's this beautiful world of living, breathing and functioning environments, with top end weather and sound effects, and advanced A.I. Giving you a realistic experience as if you were really there. But you know, Sometimes after a hard days work (whatever that is) I just want to mindlessly shoot human-sized ducks with an Uzi on an alien planet.

I mean, Crysis is pretty cool and all but sometimes I think they're trying too hard to be interesting. Timesplitters was that game that allowed you to mindlessly shoot human-sized ducks with an Uzi on an alien planet, and thats why I loved it, Because it let you make your own experience, not to be bound by the laws of real life. Timesplitters was stupid. Now how many Games Designers say 'Right, lets make a game that's stupid and makes no sense?'

'splitters was a rare thing (That was of course until EA got hold of Timesplitters 3 and sucked the soul out of the series by trying too hard) and I hope we see more games which don't take themselves so seriously and take the piss a bit more.

So I guess you guys will have to put up with the boring stuff for now, otherwise I might turn into EA.

(As you can probably tell by the post time, it's pretty late, and I can't sleep, so I hope didn't make too much sense for you)

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