Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Spitfire update...

So here's some work in progress shots of my spitfire, still got a bit of modelling left to do on it, but it's coming along. Got a low poly interior in there at the moment but will add more polys to it if I've got some spare.

At the moment it's about 3,500 so I've got plenty spare.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Up, up and away...

So my rooftop's coming along. It's in UDK now and the past week or so I've been dressing the scene. I might make it a bit more busier with assets, but I don't want to over crowd it or I might start to see too much repetition. So far I've tried to keep it as varied as possible scattering things about and having different groups of assets. Crits always welcome :D

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

If I was in world war two they'd call me spitfire...

So my trip to Duxford on the weekend to get reference photos was met with great success :D I managed to get a load of good reference for Spitfires, and one of the mechanics even let me step over the velvet rope so I could take some detailed pictures of the flap mechanisms on the wings. As far as textures go, I'm going to be hand painting this plane probably with texture overlays. The idea of simply slapping photos onto it just doesn't seem right anymore, even though I'm quite happy with my texturing skills, they can always be improved.

The photos will provide me with information about surface details that I will need to include, and I will take full advantage of the Normal and specular maps on offer.

The past few days have been spent modeling it, and so far I'm pleased with how its going. One thing I might need to sort out is the amount of flow lines going towards the tail at the bottom, it's looking a bit crowded down there.

I'm also making an Airfix version of the Spitfire to help me, and I can't stress how much it helps. For anyone doing a vehicle, get yourself an Airfix version, you won't regret it!

From now on I'm going to divide my time between my Vehicle and Environment. It allows me to switch what I'm doing if my attention starts to wander...

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Time's-a-cracking on....

So time's getting on and it's nearly time to start my vehicle project, but more on that later.

In the past weeks I've been cracking on with my rooftop project, and overall, I'm please with how it's coming along. I'm a bit behind the schedule of finishing this week, but it doesn't worry me too much. I'm not going to rush it and do a bodge job, I really want to get it down, and make a good portfolio piece with it, because at the end of it, I need stuff that I'm proud to present to people.

I did spent a fair amount of time concepting and coming up with ideas, but when I look back it has only made my project stronger. I went through and blocked out my ideas to get a good idea of what they would look like, and from this it helped me pick the most interesting idea.

I would really encourage people to do this. If you've got a few ideas, block them out it max first. Having an idea in your head is always going to look amazing! mostly thanks to the capabilities of the human brain, but when you start to get it down on paper (or 3d), things will change. Limitations come in, and things will not look the same as they do in your head. This process will only take a few days and will help you massively with decision making and your perspective on things.

Anyways back to my project. I have most of my assets textured now, and my next big task is importing them into unreal and building the scene. A lot of my items will be duped a lot, due to the nature of scaffolding and bricks, but this allows me to save on texture and tri budget. I have posted some screens of the layout I'm going for as I just realised there are no finished mock up screens here, apart from the paint overs.

I'm off to duxford tomorrow to get some awesome reference for the legendary Supermarine Spitfire, which will serve as my model for my vehicle project.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Doodle me this...

I'm back! With some random doodles...