Tuesday, 16 November 2010

If I was in world war two they'd call me spitfire...

So my trip to Duxford on the weekend to get reference photos was met with great success :D I managed to get a load of good reference for Spitfires, and one of the mechanics even let me step over the velvet rope so I could take some detailed pictures of the flap mechanisms on the wings. As far as textures go, I'm going to be hand painting this plane probably with texture overlays. The idea of simply slapping photos onto it just doesn't seem right anymore, even though I'm quite happy with my texturing skills, they can always be improved.

The photos will provide me with information about surface details that I will need to include, and I will take full advantage of the Normal and specular maps on offer.

The past few days have been spent modeling it, and so far I'm pleased with how its going. One thing I might need to sort out is the amount of flow lines going towards the tail at the bottom, it's looking a bit crowded down there.

I'm also making an Airfix version of the Spitfire to help me, and I can't stress how much it helps. For anyone doing a vehicle, get yourself an Airfix version, you won't regret it!

From now on I'm going to divide my time between my Vehicle and Environment. It allows me to switch what I'm doing if my attention starts to wander...

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