Sunday, 23 August 2009

Off I go...

So the time has finally come, after about 6 months or so of waiting, to jet of to Munich, Germany to start my internship at BMW.

This really is an amazing opportunity that I've come across and to think it was a normal day, lunch time, sitting in my friends workshop eating lunch that someone mentioned it to me. It was pretty lucky I guess, right place at the right time and it really is weird to see what a brilliant chance to get ahead it has turned into. It just goes to show that you should go for it, no matter how small the chance, you have nothing to lose.

I think it just goes to show the talent that is on our course and how underestimated game art is. I really regard myself as lucky when I think that anyone, that's right anyone, on our course is good enough be in my shoes. I simply knuckled down on my car modelling skills and managed to impress my prospective employer, just as other people on our course have really worked hard to build their skills, and it shows. I really do believe that the people I've worked with in Game Art Design are some of the most talented and enthusiastic people I've ever been around.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to it. I guess it's a chance to start something fresh in a new place. I'm going to take in as much as humanly possible whilst I'm there, even if it may not realated game art. Knowledge of how other people doing things is key, and will enable you to explore different methods of getting things done.

I'm also really looking forward to settling in to Munich and learning to speak German well. I have been learning over the past few months and I have enjoyed it, but it will take time, and hopefully being in social situations will make me want to learn even more.

I plan to keep making game related models during my spare time, and hopefully find somewhere I can do life drawing. I will definitely keep posting and using the facebook, which I have found to be a great way of displaying work and critting.

Even though I will be back next year I'm sad to leave everyone in my year. I've had a great time with all of you, and I'm disappointed that I won't get to work with and along side you guys. I wish you the best of luck in your futures, and I know I'm going to be seeing your names roll down the credits screen real soon.



Jason Garlick said...

Good luck! it really is an awsome opportunity and i wish you the best, will be interested to hear/see what your getting up to as well over there. Hab SpaƟ!

Thom said...

Best of luck man! Really stoked for you serious. I know you said it yourself - but make the most of it out there!