Monday, 15 October 2007

Week 1: Blogging - Rick Stirling

First of all this was supposed to be my first entry, buuut I got some papers muddled up so its become my second, sorry for any confusion :D

Now, the blogger I've decided to look at goes by the name of Rick Stirling, a game artist, designer, egotist and raconteur (whatever those last two are :s) His first site, rsart, is a good read and has alot of interesting and useful information on the games industry and his experiences in it. One entry that I found particularly interesting was called 'how many polygons in a piece of string?' which came from people asking 'how many polygons should I use in characters/environments/vehicles?' and his simple answer was 'it depends', then going on to explain why it depends, going through reasons such as platform, style of game and power required.

I feel he has a style of writing that gets his point very well, and spents a lot of time on his blog recommending books that he found useful and answering questions from anyone, which I think is decent of him.

His second site on twitter is more of a personal blog, talking about his personal thoughts none of which really relate to his job (apart from conplaing about it). He has stuctured it as short commment, which just show what sort of mood he was in or what he was thinking at the time, which is a nice change from technical computer talk.

As for me, Ive never writen a blog before, or even kept a diary, so it's a new experince. Im alright with the fact that i'm writing for an invisible audience, partly because I doubt that many people will read it (prove me wrong people!). I guess there is part of me that doesnt want to sound like an idiot by rambling on, but I do tend write too much generally, and go over word counts, which didnt make essays any easier, buy hey, I just guess thats my 'style'

Anyways, Ive got to get back to cleaning my bathroom since they did the flat checks a day early (sneaky bastards), here are the links to Rick Stirlings sites...

Oh, and these

egotist: a conceited and self-centered person
raconteur: Someone who tells amusing or interesting stories

They say you learn something new everday, yesterday I learnt that door frames hurt when you headbutt them.

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